Nifty Support at 17250 Trend remains up

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow 4th Oct 2021 Trend remains up till we do not see a close below 17250 spot Nifty level. Look at buying the dips and booking part profits periodically till we do not see a close below 17250 spot Nifty.

Technically, Nifty remains on a firm footing. It just seems to be ignoring all the negative global cues. S&P 500 which is the mother market has been correcting since 2nd Sep 2021 and has corrected from 4545 to 4280 yet Nifty has only done a shallow pullback till now. This just implies one thing Nifty remains in a strong uptrend and has been outperforming world stock markets. Till the time we do not see a closing below 17250 the structure for our markets remains intact.

Short-term time cycle data points to keep in mind. Venus in Sagittarius has a historical correlation to positive rallies in equities, so I would not be surprised if world indices find a low nearby in the next few days and begin a bullish move up. Pluto is also changing directions on October 6th, 2021, and the same day as the new moon, with the midpoint of Mercury retrograde on October 7-8. These are all important astrological events with high correlations to changes in trends. Be on the lookout for the end of a pullback or at least a decent rally from the lows. Expect miscommunications to happen over the next few days which could suddenly change trends in the markets.

There are some massive changes we are doing on our websites with some innovative products coming up to suit all types of traders and investors. Over the next few days, we will surely update you on the same.

As usual, if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. Please do not over-trade and always keep your risk in check.

Nifty Trend Prediction


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