Nifty Trading Calls & Nifty Prediction Update 23rd Mar 2015

Sunday 22nd Mar 2015 1PM : As per our Nifty Prediction we have been saying from 4th March 2015, Nifty Has Hit a top at least for now and now it would be sell on rise for next few weeks. Since then Nifty has been making lower tops and lower bottoms. Nifty Trading Calls given this week all have as usual been low risk high reward trades.

Nifty outlook for the week of 23rd March 2015

8367-8450 Nifty Spot Levels is very important, what Nifty does around these levels would decide next major move. As far as Nifty Prediction for 23rd Mar 2015, Resistance is at 8665 (Nifty Spot Level)

Trend remains down for now.


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