Nifty trend / Nifty prediction 4th June 19

Nifty trend / Nifty prediction 4th June 19

Nifty trend today was bullish and Nifty is moving perfectly in line with our nifty prediction for targets suggested. Nifty is back around the 12000 levels so what should be the strategy as of now.  So first let us take a look from an investor’s perspective.  Broadly speaking valuations remain very expensive so buying must be done from an investor’s perspective only where deep value is present. Keep in mind that if you buy anything and everything we don’t see broad portfolios making money so for an investor its essential to buy only where there is clear deep value present and by deep value we don’t mean beaten down names we mean where valuations are cheap and growth is either picking up or intact and the company must have a decent or even better a good management in place.  If these criteria’s are available then by all means buy those companies but broadly speaking market does not have value because in most of the beaten down names or the stocks where prices have fallen a lot don’t have growth, in fact, most of the results of these set of companies are showing contraction and with overall growth not expected to pick up in the near term we don’t see broad market where growth is neither present nor visible should be bought just because prices have fallen sharply.

From a traders perspective, the game changes totally. The trend on all time frames remains up so the only option that a trader has is to buy breakouts or buy the dip and whatever be the reason we don’t know so till what level the trend remains up but traders must be on the side of the trend which for the time being remains up and till the level of 11600 spot Nifty does not break on the downside we do not see prices trending lower so keep that in mind.

We could see a spike top around RBI policy day so that could become an important top in the near term.

Accumulate deep value stocks like —– and —– paper. We see these stocks making massive money in the coming time. There are some very big names who are entering —- since the past few days.

Good trading to you!


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