Nifty Update 26th Sep 2017

SGX Nifty Futures

LTP   10,940.00 +26.00 +0.24% High 11,041.50 Low 11,001.00 (Change Vs Today’s Nifty Futures (NSE) Closing)

Nifty Update 26th Sep 2017

Silver continues moving along expected lines. Near term and medium term we remain very bullish on Silver so accumulating silver on dips and panic will be a good idea.  From a medium term perspective we see Silver giving very good returns. Do keep a watch on silver in the coming days.

Nifty past few days had a massive sell off and most market participants were surprised with the speed and intensity of the fall and now most of the people are searching for reason for the fall. It must be said that the fall was with good intensity and most importantly while global markets were more or less stable yet we did see that sharp fall.  On the face of it as INR was depreciating the past few days with speed and intensity hence I don’t think so the speed and broad based sell off should have surprised many people. Anyways that’s not important for now. The fall has created some great opportunities so keep your risk in check and trade.  Today in the second half Nifty did move higher well from the area around 9800 which we were expecting.  Now what to expect in the coming days? All details will be given to clients.

Global markets have shown amazing similarity or rather resemblance to one cycle in particular and the more I look at that cycle the more I am amazed by its similarity. Republicans controlled the white house, congress and House of Representatives during that cycle and now too during this cycle amazingly they are controlling the white house, congress and House of Representatives.  During that cycle Valuations were very expensive and even during this cycle valuations are very expensive. During that cycle also the President of USA was not a person with political background and even in this cycle President Trump is not a person with political background.  During that cycle also the general public were investing money through Mutual funds, Pension schemes, PMS schemes etc and surprisingly we see that the same is present in this cycle also. One of the factors for this rally has been domestic mutual fund liquidity so the same was seen in previous cycle via pension funds and some PMS investments.  During that cycle IPO’s were getting oversubscribed in a very big manner and even during this cycle the same is seen.  Take a case in point of some of the IPO’s which have a loss making track record for past few years and yet their IPO gets oversubscribed simply amazing stuff.   All these signs point out to amazing resemblance to just one cycle and based on back testing I feel we are in that cycle.  I will not get into naming the cycle or telling you what it is you can do the working yourself and see what happened after that cycle ended or was about to end.

Part of what we sent to our clients / what we did

22/09/17, 12:26 PM – Glen: Nifty Sell 4 Parts @ CMP

22/09/17, 12:26 PM – Glen: Confirmation Nifty 4 Parts Active

22/09/17, 12:27 PM – Glen: Can buy 10000 Nov Put @ cmp

22/09/17, 12:38 PM – Glen: Hold all 4 parts shorts in Nifty. I will update in sometime

22/09/17, 1:04 PM – Glen: Hold all 4 parts shorts in Nifty. I will update in sometime

22/09/17, 2:09 PM – Glen: Hold 4 parts shorts as told

25/09/17, 9:33 AM – Glen: Gm

25/09/17, 9:33 AM – Glen: Hold positions as told

25/09/17, 9:37 AM – Glen: When and where to add will update

25/09/17, 10:32 AM – Glen: Silver hold as told

25/09/17, 10:32 AM – Glen: Wait for message to add more

25/09/17, 10:37 AM – Glen: Ugar sugar buy

25/09/17, 10:37 AM – Glen: Ugar sugar buy at cmp and dips

25/09/17, 10:37 AM – Glen: Renuka sugar hold as told

25/09/17, 10:38 AM – Glen: Renuka sugar hold remaining 75 percent longs as told

25/09/17, 10:41 AM – Glen: Nifty hold 4 parts shorts as told

25/09/17, 12:13 PM – Glen: STBT Nifty sell below 9850 spot

25/09/17, 12:45 PM – Glen: STBT Trade Active

25/09/17, 1:53 PM – Glen: (—–) book (—-)profits at cmp

25/09/17, 1:54 PM – Glen: Confirmation (—–)booked


Good Trading To You!

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