Renuka sugar share price forecast 8th Feb 2016

Renuka sugar share price forecast 8th Feb 2016

Renuka sugar share price chart is indicating that now we are in the last leg of the downside or rather the pullback and we do not expect any significant downside from here on in Renuka Sugar. Our clients and regular readers of this website are well aware that we are extremely bullish on sugar stocks in 2016 and 2017 or rather for another 23 months as per time cycle we are very bullish in this sector due to many reasons.  As per our analysis of the Stock we do see a fast move starting up anytime once Nifty moves below 7300 and post Nifty falling below 7300 we will see the start of the super cycle that we are expecting.  We have told our clients that please do not buy this stock in small qty and if you want any advice on this stock first please send me your demat statement if you have bought less than 1 L shares please lets not waste your and my time as we see one of the most amazing opportunities where almost everything will be in place for a wealth creation stand point.  The lower or downside is extremely limited and upsides are min 5 X we also see 10 X possible in this counter over the next 23 months but for now let us just keep our targets at 5 X which is 68 INR.  For those people who want to do satta “BLIND TRADE”  the impulsive traders who want to do something or the other every now and then just keep buying this stock and hold on to it.  We are very clear that this sector and stock especially offers a unique combination of safety and super powerful upsides.

Many traders ad investors have called me and asked me what will be Renuka sugar share price news flow that will take it to such levels and our request is although we have explained in detail previously but once again we will just highlight. We see sugar sector being decontrolled in India by Dec 2016 and hence this trigger alone will take the entire sugar sector zooming higher. The second most important news flow will be fresh and real viability for the sector to make money in a sustainable manner. We suggest if you are new to this website then please search on our website for all previous articles pertaining to Renuka sugar for all the details.

Buy on all dips and hold Renuka sugar for target of 68 in the next 23 months.

Good Trading To You!


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