Renuka Sugar Share Price Target 7th Dec 2015

Renuka Sugar Share Price Target 7th Dec 2015

Renuka Sugar Share price has corrected after it made a high price of 18.05 in Nse and now is trading around 12/13 Rs. As per our analysis of the stock Renuka Sugar Share Price Target is 68 in the next 24 months and it does not make sense to try and time entry into the stock as the upsides are huge. We have a target of 5X min and surely it can even go to 100 Rs in 24 months if some other parameters are fulfilled.  We have mentioned multiple triggers like Sugar sector Decontrol in India, International Raw Sugar prices zooming at least 4-5 times higher than current prices, Partial loan write off by the Indian Govt for Renuka Sugar, Bajaj Hindustan and a few other companies, New measures to ensure that farmer dues are paid well in time and many other major triggers will come in sugar sector which will see sugar stocks zooming higher.

When such triggers start going public or Share Market News comes in public domain at that juncture the stock price or share price will just go non stop upper circuit to upper circuit and if you do not have delivery long positions at that point in time then you will just watch every single day the share price moving higher but you won’t be able to buy so please do not trade in these set of stocks as most of these triggers once in public domain it will be very diffucuilt to get any sizable quantity.

The agricultural crop from brazil, southern India has taken a significant hit and we will see huge production short falls going fowrad in thye next 24 months which will be the primary reason for sugar prices internationally to go through the roof. Astro cycles as indicating that we see that happening as soon as Dec 2015 so we are expecting craziness in the share price to begin from Dec 2015 and hence we are reiterating that it does not make any sense to wait any longer. Use all dips to buy and hold the share price / stock. As per our analysis Sugar Sector will outperform the Indian Stock Markets by a huge margin and it will be the best performing sector with a 24 months view.

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