SGX Nifty 11th May 2015 Updates

SGX Nifty 11th May 2015

SGX Nifty tomorrow is expected to open on positive note in the morning, as per our Nifty Prediction SGX Nifty trend shall remain in pullback mode with volatility. We will keep guiding when and where to Buy/Sell kindly be patient for our messages and don’t try any stunts. Tuesday will see IIP and CPI data being released. Bank Nifty futures will be very sensitive to these numbers also Ashok ley, Dr Reddy, Lupin and JSW Steel come out with numbers we don’t expect any great numbers to come in from them.

Bank Nifty Futures components Axis, Yes Bank are the weakest in private sector banks and Public sector Banks are also very weak.

SGX Nifty Live Updates will be given. For Details on customized advisory packages call 9222294707

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SGX Nifty 11th May 2015

SGX Nifty as per time cycle is expected to have a pullback till 14-15th May 2015  on upside Nifty Futures can touch 8?00 if gets stretched it is possible to come near 8?00 also. All Nifty levels mentioned are Nifty spot levels. I have already said before watch unexpected level by 14th May 2015.  What to do with the pullback Buy,Trade,Sell ? More details to our clients. It is very important to wait for confirmation with out confirmation and low risk entry point we do ot recommend to trade. 99.99 percent traders and investors are going to get trapped in this move within this week. Better to follow Main trend only and trade in the direction of the main trend and why 14th May 2015 becomes extremely important is because Mars (warrier) completes opposition to saturn (reduction) It also means amplified reduction in simple language now that amplification can happen with short squeeze or long trap to know which side and where that will end join us and follow messages strictly. Only knowing what’s the trend will never help it will only work if you have prudent risk management system and use other SGX Nifty Futures Trading systems.Financial Astrology is only a tool to know when turning points are likely it must only be used in congruence to other trading systems never will a stand alone system work well.

Good Trading To You!

SGX Nifty 11th May 2015

SGX Nifty  bounced back in style as expected. We had already covered our short positions in Bank Nifty Futures, Nifty 8300 Put and Nifty Futures on 7th May 2015 towards end of trade (sample contract notes have been enclosed in yesterday’s post) Bank Nifty Futures was very strong yesterday but typically that’s how bear market pullbacks come or rather short covering rallies come. Bank Nifty Futures jumped up by 2.42 percent . Nifty Futures also had a very good bounce back with Nifty Futures going up by 134 point. Within Bank Nifty components Punjab National Bank had a disastrous day, results were way below street estimates and structural problems were exposed. NPA’s shot up. Profit fell by 61.9 percent, operating income was flat, net interest income was lower and in a nut shell it’s a dooms day scenario for Punjab National Bank.

SGX Nifty  Trend remains down both Major Trend and Minor Trend remain down and as of right now this just looks like another dead cat bounce or relief rally, we don’t recommend general buying into the Nifty fifty or Nifty Futures Or Bank Nifty Futures or it’s components. It’s better to wait and get confirmation rather than trying stunts and getting stuck on the wrong side. Lot’s of dynamic possibilities are present I shall update them in time to all our clients. Selectively though we will be buying some stocks within new sectors (Details I will provide in two or three days time)

SGX Nifty this week is expected to continue pullback till 8??1 and then a decider will play out if the decline after touching 8??1 decline is fast (plus few parameters are completed) then SGX Nifty futures will touch ?2?1 within 15 Trading Days and if the decline is slow grinding then SGX Nifty Futures will touch ?6?5. Either ways it will pay to be patient and wait for SGX Nifty Futures to give us clear direction and small low risk entry points to enter that Main trend. (As most of our stop losses are maximum 20 points on Nifty Futures) and even after having a small stop loss of 15-20 Points in Nifty Futures we further follow stringent risk management procedures to reduce risk and make it risk free. Key to making money in the market is always prudent risk management and we are very disciplined in following that rule.

USDINR now we expect a pullback towards 63.10-63.20 Spot if on pullback we get final confirmation then USDINR will head for 72 within this financial year. (I don’t what’s going to go wrong but it will come to 72 why what how I don’t know)

Accumulate sugar stocks on dips our top picks are Bajaj Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and Eid Parry. All these three stocks will give 5x to 10x returns by 2019.

Tata Steel is outperforming and on any decline we maintain to Buy it (Details to our subscribers) we will only be buying Tata Steel at small stop loss points. Avoid large stop loss and large risk.

SGX Nifty Live Updates will be given as and when possible.

SGX Nifty,Nifty Futures,Bank Nifty Futures,Online Trading Calls Log of 8th May 2015 Given Below

pl wait for msg to trade


Its Not Just about when to Buy/Sell With Small Risk Its also about when we exit a trade. Sample contract notes updated on website see at what time we covered and at what price

GM Reiterate BUY & HOLD Bajaj Hind,Renuka,Eid Parry

Nifty we don’t see pullback extending beyond 8421-8500 Nifty spot, Minor and Major Trend remains down. This is also a pullback and once pullback is over our downside targets will be 7631. However selling needs to be done only at small stop loss points. (I will update when & where to sell)

Bank Nifty we don’t see pullback going beyond 18895. When & where to sell I will update.

Please note I am not suggesting that Nifty or Bank Nifty will come to that level thats max possible levels I have mentioned looking at the structure weakness it could stop well before that itself.


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