SGX Nifty 11th May 2016

SGX Nifty

LTP  8,576.00 -128.00 -1.49% High 8,710.00 Low 8,546.50

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty 11th May 2016

SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures today was seen consolidating and finally closed the day in the green by 21 points. Infrastructure stocks were doing well while Auto and Metal stocks were dragging the Nifty 50.  As per Nifty Futures Tips/ Nifty Prediction we maintain our Nifty view that these are not prices to buy rather these are prices to short sell Nifty Futures on rise at appropriate points. To my mind when I sit and do my calculations I see a exact opposite of what has happened around 29th Feb 2016. At that point in time everyone was calling a doomsday scenario and now everyone are calling resurrection of the Global economy.  The data points that we monitor on the  fundamental side do not indicate any real green shoots and the only real difference that has actually taken place is that  sentiment from extremely bearish has now become extremely bullish. As per our analysis Rahu is controlling the rally and as regular readers and clients of this website are well aware that he is a master of deception. All that he has done now is that he is painting a picture that overall the Global economy is ok but data points that we track do not show real pick up in anything.  The rally which has  started on 29th Feb 2016 from 6825  levels is more or less done and as per our analysis we are almost at the topping area hence to our mind it does not make any sense to be long either on the portfolio side or even on the trading side.  It does not matter to us if Nifty advances a few more points also from here as the overall risk reward ratio does not favor buying at all. Buying had to be done around 7000 levels and even at that time we had clearly mentioned that Nifty will make a top around 8000 levels.

On dips buy and hold sugar stocks as we see a good time for them.  MSL, Tata Coffee can also be accumulated. Wait for our message to reenter NMDC and Kesoram. Gold and Silver have a important time cycle support on 13th-15th May 2016. If metals start to rise from these dates then expect some fire works here.

Good Trading To You!

Today’s Chat Transcript

[08:59, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: GM [08:59, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Hold 1 part STBT Trade & Positional Trade Nifty May 7500 Call Hold 1 Part Short, Nifty May 7600 Call Hold 1 Part Short & Nifty May Fut Hold 1 Part Short. Kindly hold till next update [10:05, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Hold positions as told [11:46, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: reiterate our overall view is that Nifty is headed lower. [11:46, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: more or less this is the top with some minor variations possible [11:46, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Hold positions as told [11:47, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: as per our overall analysis we see Nifty significantly lower from here on a positional basis [12:21, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: when and where to add shorts I will update [12:21, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: for now just hold positions as told [13:14, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: STBT Trade Nifty Sell @ CMP SL 7906 Spot Level HIGH RISK TRADE [13:14, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Confirmation Nifty short sold stbt 2nd part [13:14, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: low risk traders just hold positions as told [13:35, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Please understand our current positions avg for 4 parts inc part 1 stbt trade is at 7845 May Fut. 1st Part Nifty sold @ 7667 (2nd part we covered in 15 points+, STBT trade which was done on Thursday gave 45 points. Hence for simplification of calculation 7667+45=7712 is 1st part shorts ) 3rd part shorts @ 7900 and 4th Part shorts @ 8001. Adding STBT Trade of Friday 7761. Hence 7712+7900+8001+7761=31374/4= 7843 May Fut Lvl. Since this is a continuation trade last month 250 points earned in 1 part. Hence 250/4=62.5. Adding 62 in 7845 = 7905.  CMP is right there. So kindly please stop playing mind games with yourself and just be calm. [13:36, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: All traders who are following me have made money since the time they have joined me consistently each and every time and this time too we will make great money in shorts but patience will be needed. Please dont expect this trade to be a lottery system. Patience will be tested [13:37, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: the game is to keep a cool head and hold positions as we reiterate the entire up move that we were seeing from around lower side levels of 7000 is done as per our analysis [13:37, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: please do not listen to people who were saying 6500 when Nifty was at 7000 and now the same people are talking about 8100-8400. [13:38, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: just relax and hold positions [13:38, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: kindly just follow msg and trade [13:39, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: and please be prepared mentally for minor volatility. This is not fixed income there will be volatility from time to time and that will have to be digested. [15:07, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Hold position s as told [15:10, 10/5/2016] +91 90040 79145: Website update will be delayed Today


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