SGX Nifty 16th Nov 2015

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty 16th Nov 2015

As per Astro cycles we have few very important geocosmic signatures coming up this week. Most of them are Level 1 reversal geocosmic signatures which have a very high correlation to primary cycle crest / trough. The orbit of the reversal signatures start as early as Monday 16th Nov 2015. So once again astro cycles are amply clearly indicating that Nifty / Stock Markets are about to make a higher bottom and then turn up towards 8600. On 18th Nov 2015 Neptune goes direct, On Friday 20th Venus will be squaring Pluto, On 22nd Nov 2015 Sun Trines Ketu, On 23rd Nov 2015 Venus is in opposition to Uranus. Now all of these geocosmic signatures are individually capable of reversing the trend means each one of them have at least 85 percent plus historical correlation of changing trends which we have back tested for over 100 years. Now when all of them are just one behind the other it becomes a hyper critical astro cycle reversal zone which we call a 5 star reversal zone. Whenever there are 5 start reversal zones as per astro cycle it has been our observation that sharp trend reversals happen and individually looking at Indian Stock Markets they are making a case rather a very strong case for outperformance vs the global stock markets so short sellers and mandi guys please be careful.

As per our sentiment indicators most of the traders / investors who were bullish at 9000 in March 2015 and then bullish at 8250 last month are very bearish as of now. So as per our sentiment indicator we see them getting trapped on the short side for now at least. The Open Interest also is indicating a massive short build up and literally no longs in the system so on a standby basis if we look at the sentiment indicator everyone is extremely bearish no one is talking about 200 points higher everyone are talking about a significant fall on the lower side ranging from 7400-6800 and some even 4500 so that makes us absolutely safe in going long at this juncture on dips.

In a nutshell sentiment indicators shows Janta is totally bearish, Everyone wants to sell out of the Indian Stock Market, There is a 5 star critical reversal zone coming up starting this week and with our minimum downside target achieved (please go back and read we were saying 7900 will be breached at 8250 I am not saying this today all our predictions are on record on this website please read them and verify for yourself) Charts clearly indicating we are in a oversold position and making a terminal wave towards the downside so many indicators which are time tested indicators can’t be wrong rather all the Janta / public will be trapped on the wrong side and I almost forgot although our net cost for 2 parts longs in Nifty Nov is 7805-7820 there is fear in the minds of some of my clients after listening to their brokers (who incidentally have never gave them solid advice to make money) that what if Nifty does come to 7400 ? I can assure you one very important thing here even if I Have 0.01% doubt about my prediction I will say wait on sidelines. I will never put your money and my money or anybody’s money at stake if I am not totally 100 percent sure about my prediction.

So enjoy your weekend please meherbani karke don’t listen to your brokers or fellow well-wishers for now and please follow our live messages and trade.

Good Trading To You!

SGX Nifty opened lower on weak global cues today. As per our Stock market advice / Nifty Prediction we once again reiterate our view to Buy on dips and build long positions for Nifty targets of 8600. We do not see any significant downside from current prices. Most of the traders and investors are talking about 7200-7400-6800 and some are even saying 4500 but as per our analysis we do not see Nifty falling in this current round of down move. Traders may recall that on 29th Sep 2015 we changed our prediction to short term bullish from bearish and when Nifty crossed 8250 we clearly said that we do not see Nifty sustaining above 8350. Similarly now we do not see Nifty sustaining below on the lower side (levels have been given to our clients and we are steadily building long positions) . Once again I am saying please check all my past predictions before following my trades. Lot of traders are asking me what do you see as a trigger that will take Nifty towards 8600 and I honestly don’t know the trigger but looking at the current astro cycles and overall position of Mars in Libra we expect some positive commentary from FED about no rate cut in Dec 2015. So they will temper down expectations about rate cut for the time being. Also lower crude oil and lower overall commodities prices talk could begin and that could support Indian Stock Markets or there could be some other reason also that I have not written here but bottom line is Nifty / Stock markets don’t move on news. Stock markets are always moving forward and pricing in news that is forward looking. So as per our analysis Stock markets are leading indicators while news is a trailing indicator so that is why we say if our analysis is right news will always follow.

SGX Nifty Minor trend is oversold. SGX Nifty Minor Trend is up / bullish. Nifty support and resistance for tomorrow is at 7715 and 7922 Nifty 50 spot levels mentioned. Risk reward ratio is favouring buying and not short selling the Indian Stock Market now onwards for the next few days.  

Sugar sector continues to outperform the broader markets by a huge margin and we once again reiterate our view buy on dips. We are about to start a very powerful bullish cycle in sugar. Buy and hold Bajaj Hind, Renuka and EID Parry.

SGX Nifty Futures / SGX Nifty Charts / SGX Nifty Live updates are given below for ready reference.

Good Trading To You!


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