SGX Nifty 18th Oct 2016

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty 18th Oct 2016

SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures today continued its downward move along expected lines. As per our analysis we see that the trend will continue to remain lower and we do not see any pullbacks like the one we did see today in the morning sustaining on the higher side. Please keep in mind that pullbacks will come and go but we do not see them sustaining on the higher side. In the immediate term we can see sharp starting anytime in the next few days so do expect volatility to start and prices will move in sharp swift zig zag manner. We once again reiterate that we are heading for final targets of 5872 on the downside and many of you will not believe or even understand what we are saying but as per our analysis and counts we see 5872 Nifty will be coming and we once again reiterate that we do not see any value in most of the stocks. Please keep in mind that as per our view 5872 is our final target for this move and in between we will see sharp pullbacks also. It will not be a one sided fall as per our understanding. We will exit shorts and may be even buy at times when we see sharp pullbacks which could come so please note that we will be taking tactical trades from time to time and buying for a counter trend rally of 200-300 points does not mean we would be bullish. It will only mean that we will buy and then exit and reenter shorts as per our systems and charts. As usual if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use appropriate risk management and then only trade. Please never over trade and please keep your risk management in place at all times. Historically we have seen that buying cheap make money the only exception to that rule has been high growth stocks and do not see any value in some stocks which are growing at a fast pace.

Overall we do not see much value in the markets so avoid general buying and sip system. I have never been a fan of SIP system because the stats do not justify them and we always have seen money has been made only and only if stocks have been bought at cheap valuations and where forward growth is clear.

Maharashtra Scooters had a excellent day again today and as regular readers and clients of this website are well aware that we are very bullish on the stock since 1100 INR. We did mention the stock multiple times even for free here saying that in the coming time the stock will do very well and today the stock is up almost 100 percent from our initial buying price. We always have seen that buying value like MSL will only make money and even from current prices we are very bullish. We do not see any major downsides in MSL as the informed circle now has the news about some merger with some stock and we see that creating much more value for our investors and us even from current prices.

Ugar sugar and Renuka sugar also will do very well in the coming time and we see that there is a great opportunity in renuka and ugar even from current prices. We do not see any significant downsides in both of them and our astro cycles show us that we will start seeing fast up moves in them shortly so buying on dips is a good thing to do.

Good Trading To You!

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