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SGX Nifty Live Real Time Chart SGX NIFTY Live Quotes, SGX Nifty Live Prices, SGX Nifty Live Real Time Price, SGX Nifty Futures Live Prices  are updated above. The rates are updated on a tick by tick basis and hence Live SGX Nifty rates are available. Historical Intraday SGX Nifty Live data can be seen below using SGX Nifty Chart which is also updated live on a tick by tick basis. Nifty Futures Live rates and CNX Nifty Spot Rates also are updated Live for ready reference.

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SGX Nifty Live Real Time Quotes are provided. SGX Nifty Live Prices are updated tick by tick and at one glance it helps traders and investors get a advance indication of Nifty opening the next trading day. Also it gives live indication of how Nifty is reacting to the world markets.

We have dual feed SGX Nifty Rates. The upper Rates displayed is from Singapore Server and then till 1.30  SGX Nifty updates via Dubai Server. So you can get real time SGX Nifty rates from 6AM IST to 1.30 AM IST on this website.

SGX Nifty Live Futures Charts

SGX Nifty Live Futures Charts are updated every minute data is fetched live from Singapore exchange. SGX Nifty Live Futures Charts helps in understanding the overnight volatility, High Low of SGX Nifty Futures.For simplicity Open,High,Low and Close of each bar is provided. SGX Nifty Live Futures charts are highly customizable as per individual requirements and can be viewed in 5 Minutes, 30 Minutes or 60 minutes time frame. Charts effectively show a graphical representation of SGX Nifty price behavior and volatility. Further the user can customize the chart layout to candlestick Chart, Bar Chart or Line Chart.

CNX Nifty Live Chart

CNX Nifty Live chart is built in with automated Buying selling signals system. SGX Nifty Live Real Time Price can be compared with Nifty Futures chart. This chart provides unbiased view of underlying trend of the market, it is mostly used for understanding intraday trends. Also this chart is used by arbitrage traders to trade price difference between the SGX Nifty and Nifty 50 during NSE trading hours.

For SGX Nifty Live Resistance Levels, Support Levels, Trend (Minor Trend Or Major Trend) SGX Nifty Constituents Trading Levels Click Here

During National Stock Exchange Trading hours IST 9AM to 3.30 PM the significance of SGX Nifty becomes lesser as Nifty 50 is more liquid and has much more higher volume of trading than SGX Nifty.  The real significance of SGX Nifty comes in post 3.30 PM IST as Indian markets are shut and SGX Nifty provides instantaneous SGX Nifty Live real time price for how Nifty is reacting to world markets. Our SGX Nifty Live datafeed provides live SGX Nifty Quotes enabling investors and traders to plan their trading and investment for the next day.  For easier understanding our system compares closing prices of NSE current month futures to SGX Nifty so traders get a real time SGX Nifty price of how many points SGX Nifty is higher or lower with respect to last traded price of current Nifty Futures contract. SGX Nifty Live rates are updated between 6.30 AM IST and 11.30 PM IST.

In a nut shell this page provides SGX NIFTY Live Quotes along with  SGX Nifty Live Prices and SGX NIFTY Live Futures Charts which are Real Time Prices.

Traders who trade on National Stock Exchange track SGX Nifty Live rates during evening hours (IST 3.30 PM to 11.30 PM) to strategize for next trading day. Active traders check SGX Nifty Live Prices first thing in the morning as they often indicate opening prices in Nifty 50.

Frequently asked questions about SGX Nifty

What is SGX Nifty ?

SGX stands for Singapore Stock Exchange having its Headquarters at Singapore which provides different services related to securities and derivatives trading. Nifty 50 the benchmark Index of National Stock Exchange which is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange is called SGX Nifty.

What is the significance of SGX Nifty ?

Nifty 50 is traded between 9.15 AM IST and 3.30 PM IST while  SGX Nifty is traded from 6.30 AM IST to 11.30 PM IST hence since the longer duration of timing SGX Nifty provides real time prices of Nifty 50 even when Nifty 50 is not trading i.e. post market hours in India. Also during Holidays in India SGX Nifty shows indicative prices based on global stock markets movements.  Hence in a nutshell it provides cues on how Nifty 50 will open the next trading day in India.

Is SGX Nifty and ADR’s similar?

 ADR stands for American Depositary Receipts and is listed in the USA while Nifty listed on SGX i.e. Singapore Exchange is called SGX Nifty.  From a traders or a investors perspective both serve the same purpose for a Indian Investor or Trader. They show the real time traded price of the Security even when Indian Stock Markets are shut and not trading.

 SGX Nifty advantages to FII’s

  • It provides real time price indicating the direction to the traders and Investors in Indian Stock Market.
  • It serves as an International benchmark for Indian equity which is $ denominated.
  • Lower cost structure – Lower exchange clearing fees, No transaction and capital taxes, Interest payable on margins.
  • The margin at SGX product s is lower than those of NSE.
  • It provides Extended trading hours (T & T+1 session).
  • International benchmark for Indian equity market
  • USD-denominated
  • No FII requirements
  • Availability of cross product margins offset
  • CFTC-approved

In a nutshell this page provides Live real time rates / prices / information and news on  SGX NIFTY Live Quotes, SGX Nifty Live Prices, SGX NIFTY Live Futures Charts,SGX Nifty Live Real Time Price,SGX Nifty Futures Live Prices,SGX Nifty Live Updates

SGX Nifty Live contract specifications:

The derivative contract size of each SGX Nifty Future  is given below

Contract Size = $2 (USD) * Current Price of NIFTY Index futures price

while the minimum price movement of the futures contract is 1$ which mean it is equal to 0.5 SGX Nifty Live price moments. Trading contracts are of two types  i.e Monthly contracts and Quarterly contracts. Most of the volume is concentrated in the monthly contracts. The monthly contracts are available for the 3 serial months e.g in the month of November , trading can happen in November Contracts as well as December contracts and Jan contracts. The quarterly contracts of SGX Nifty are March, June, September and December.The contracts are cash settled based on the closing price of S&P NIFTY index as on 6:00pm Singapore time or 3:30 pm Indian Time. The closing price of Nifty index is based on the average of the last 30 minutes of trading and is not the final traded price of the index.

SGX Nifty Live Update