Nifty Futures,Nifty Future,SGX Nifty Futures Updates 27/4/15

Nifty Futures,Nifty Future,SGX Nifty Futures 10.45AM Updates 27th April 2015

PL wait Nifty Minor and Major Trend is down but we will have a pullback towards 8500 Nifty Spot Level so on pullback we will sell again there is no point in selling at current prices as a sharp pullback is possible. To Play Pullback we will Buy Tata Steel only if we get low risk entry point Tata Steel  has shown and confirmed a breakout on dips we will be buying. As I have mentioned in the post below if Nifty near 8500 around 4th My 2015 and halts there plus or minus one trading day then fall will resume in super sonic speed.

Nifty Futures,Nifty Future,SGX Nifty Futures 12.05AM Updates 26th April 2015

Nifty Futures has a very important time cycle resistance around 4th May 2015, If Nifty Futures nears 8500-8550 around 4th May (+/- 1 day) then fall will resume in super sonic speed. Nifty could even break 7961 very very easily and go towards 7681 hence in that case  its better to reduce exposure to equities (with the exception of Sugar Sector for now)

Nifty Futures,Nifty Future,SGX Nifty Futures 2.30PM Updates 26th April 2015

Nifty Futures is oversold and we are expecting a pullback again towards 8550 Nifty spot levels however we are not recommending to Buy Nifty Futures if anything has to be bought for short term trading then we could consider the stocks mentioned below at low risk entry points only. Kindly don’t jump and Buy when to Buy how much to Buy and what Stop loss to Buy I will update during live market hours.

Nifty Futures Minor and Major Trend remains down and Nifty Futures is sell on rise towards low risk entry points. We maintain our Target of 7961 for Nifty Futures

Crude oil is about to give us final confirmation about breaking out and heading to 72, we will get final confirmation in two or three days that means Oil & Gas sector will outperform so on dips we could consider Buying ONGC, Cairn India for short term trading.

Another Outperformer will be Tata Steel it has confirmed Breakout and now the trend has turned up ( But when and where to Buy & Hold I will Update)

Private Sector & Public Sector Banks don’t look good to me atleast for now. They continue looking very weak and expect lower levels from here also, they could lead the down fall from now on.

I maintain my bullish stance on Sugar companies Buy & Hold Renuka Suagr, Bajaj Hind, Eid Parry after 10th July 2015 they will start running one of the most amazing time cycle of our life time is starting in agro commodities. Sugar, Cotton have already bottomed and many more agro commodities will follow bottoming process in the next three to six months.

SGX Nifty Live Price & Chart Is Enclosed Below For Ready Reference

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