Nifty Trading Calls & Nifty Prediction For 27th Mar 2015


As expected Nifty was in panic mode yesterday and crashed vertically. Most of the traders had margin calls triggering and panic selling was seen.

We were expecting Nifty will halt between 8402-8470 Nifty spot level but even we were in for a surprise in last half hour of trade Nifty spot touched 8328.

Now as per our Nifty Prediction down move has ended and pullback has begun that has initial targets of 8750-8850 Nifty spot levels. So strategy would be to Buy into panic and dips for next few days.
Nifty Trading Calls given yesterday we bought 30% qty April 8300 Ce at 225 (on dips we will add more if comes).

Yesterday some major long term charts have changed including Nifty I will update the same during the day.

Good Trading to you.