SGX Nifty 22nd June 2015

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction / Stock Market Tips For 22nd June 2015

SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend Today (19th June 2015) was positive. Nifty 50 closed at 8224 (Nse Spot Levels Mentioned) Mahindra & Mahindra, Bank of Baroda, Maruti, NMDC, ONGC, Vedanta, Punjab National Bank, Kotak Bank and Ambuja cements were seen outperforming Nifty 50 while Tata Motors, Zeel, Tata Power, Sun Pharma, Power grid, BHEL, Infy, NTPC and Bosch were seen under performing Nifty 50 on 10th June 2015.

As per our analysis SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures Trend remains down. Minor Trend is down as well as Major Trend is also down Hence our recommendation / advice is that use this rise to book profits or exit stuck Stock Market positions both in delivery segment as well as Derivative segment. We are not of the view that Nifty 50 is headed significantly higher from here and our Time Cycle / Astro Cycle analysis it shows that after 22nd June 2015 (It is possible for down move to start on 22nd June 2015 itself) however after 22nd June 2015 Minor pullback cycle ends and Nifty 50 / Stock Markets can resume down move towards 7899-7702 with a vengeance and supersonic speed which could even take Nifty below 7899 within this week i.e. by Friday 26th June 2015 we could very well see Nifty at or below 7899 (Nifty Spot Levels Mentioned) So extreme caution is advised. From lower end when Nifty 50 was around 7991 we clearly said we can have a pullback entering 8191-8250 area however that Pullback in Stock Markets / Nifty will not last and then a sharp down move will resume. If Nifty Spot breaks 8127 before 11.39 Am then expect Nifty to touch 8049 on 22nd June 2015. Nifty spot has resistance at 8250-8316 Nifty spot levels mentioned.

USDINR Prediction / USDINR Trend For 22nd June 2015

USDINR as expected a pullback has come towards expected area of 63.50-63.20. Now as per our analysis it is better to start Buying US $ at these rates as we see USDINR heading well above 65 within next few days. As always importers have been advised and once again we are recommending to please hedge positions. Our overall Target for USDINR is 72 and we might see USDINR well above 66 by Aug 1st week.

Crude Oil Update 22nd June 2015

Nymex Crude Oil we Reiterate our target of 72. Overall at least for this calendar year we do not expect Crude to move beyond 72 or 48 so it will be range bound for this year. On 12th June Neptune ruler of Crude Oil turned retrograde and effects were seen in Crude Oil (It gave a classic pullback along expected lines ) We see this pullback ending around 57-56 $ ?BBL and then again a up move to resume taking Nymex Crude Oil towards 72. Overall on rise towards 72 EXIT Oil & Gas and energy sector stocks as a very negative time cycle will begin for this sector from around Oct-Nov 2015. Avoid Oil & Gas sector for long term investments.

Financial Astrology Update

We have been advising since 4th March 2015 that negative time cycle will continue till 10th July-15th July and may even extend to Aug 1st week. Stock Markets / SGX Nifty has fallen from almost 12 percent from the high it made in early march 2015. Now once Jupiter changes signs to Leo (As per Vedic astrology) Nifty will see a significant pullback / bounce back from around 15th July 2015 so on lower side around 7899-7700 we recommend Indian Stock Market Delivery Positions should be bought but only for trading (we are not of the view that longer term Nifty will go much higher at least right now and in 2015) but bounce will be significant and any one who will short the market in that pullback or bullish phase will be finished forever because it could be fast and as per Elliot wave theory it will be B wave although we will have a minor pullbacks within that rally It wont give significant pullbacks. (I am writing this openly because lots of Traders only come and read this post but have not subscribed to my services, hence I want to forewarn them that once our lower side targets are achieved it will be prudent to start Buying on dips and small stop loss points) Longer term we will breach 7211 but before that a strong powerful pullback will come making it look like the bull market in Indian Stock Market has resumed and one can Buy risk on assets but it won’t be so. We are very clear that it will only be a pullback and nothing else but a powerful pullback and it will stun and surprise everyone by the behavior it shows (Targets for the pullback and other details will be given to clients). If you want to fully make use of our services please join and follow messages do not trade only on the basis of my post as most important part of trading which is risk management you will never understand and if you get trapped then you will be in big trouble. The euphoria would such in that pullback that when that pullback is coming to a end and I will ask you to book profits and start selling you won’t believe me and you will have serious doubts and you will argue with me saying news flow is positive, all negatives are in the price, Govt is doing so much on reform front etc etc but I am predicting well in advance so that if you call me I will just ask you to refer to this post I am writing almost 45-90 days in advance. Anyways my job is to give you the best advice its your job to follow if you want to make money. A update on real estate we see total collapse in Real Estate Market all those affiliated to this Industry please be very careful as Real Estate market will start falling out of nowhere within the next 15 days and price correction of 40 percent can be seen (How even I don’t know but I have to tell you what is possible) Prospective Home owners keep cash ready and barging hard for your dream home.

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