SGX Nifty 26th Oct 2015

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty / SGX Nifty Live / Share Market Tips for 26th Oct 2015

SGX Nifty Opened positive today. SGX Nifty Live price indicates Nifty Futures is overbought. Share Market Tips / Advise is wait for dip to Buy. Yesterday after European Central Banks comments all world Stock Markets started rallying and that positive mood did continue in Asian Stock Markets also. Nifty was no exception Nifty Futures did open higher and almost touched 8339 in opening trade after which Nifty did see a steady decline through our the day. Finally Nifty closed at 8295 up 43 points. As per our Stock Market Advise / Nifty Prediction we do not recommend to Buy fresh at current prices and we expect a corrective pullback in Indian Stock Markets if we do get low risk entry points or small stop loss points we will look to even short sell the pullback (if you are not our subscriber and are not receiving our messages then please trade with proper and strict stop loss / risk management) Some more shorts has squared up from the system today and we do not expect traders who are short from 7900 to make any money, with some assistance / professional help they may at best avoid loss. Nifty has good resistances starting from 8325 onwards higher and we do not see Nifty sustaining above 8350 spot for the time being. We could see marginal upside even from 8350 I am not denying that but price wont sustain above 8350 spot Nifty as per our analysis and it will be prudent to remain cautious at higher levels. From 29th Sep 2015 we have been saying trend is up and no one was able to understand what were communicating / indicating. Now also most people will not understand why I am cautioning for a corrective dip. On a lighter note over the years my clients who have made the maximum money have been the ones who have blindly followed the ones who have used their analysis in addition to my analysis always have got a left out feeling. Most recent example is Sugar Stocks. No one still knows why what how this sector will give phenomenal returns but price which is the most important indicator is clearly showing our analysis is absolutely right.

SGX Nifty Minor Trend is overbought. SGX Nifty Major Trend is Up / Bullish. Nifty support and resistance for tomorrow . Today 23rd Oct 2015 Venus Trines Pluto. Venus represents money, Value. Pluto represents destruction. As per historical studies Venus Trine Pluto is a level 1 geocosmic signature having over 89 percent probability to change the ongoing primary wave trend. Currently prices are moving higher so should we expect a change in trend? Yes we should expect a change in trend shortly. Add to that 23rd Oct 2015 and 26th Oct 2015 are important time cycle resistances as mentioned in my earlier post. On Sunday 25th Oct 2015 Venus is in conjunction to Jupiter. Jupiter represents amplification, expansion. So when we combine both the signatures of Venus Trine Pluto and Venus conjunction Jupiter we could see Expansive destruction in a orbit of 2-6 trading days. Hence caution must be observed in longs and fresh longs must not be initiated from current prices.

Sugar Sector Update

I have been recommending Sugar stocks openly and they continue outperforming the broader Indian Stock Markets by huge margin. Most of the veteran investors who look at balance sheets still can’t understand what the hell is going on and why sugar stocks are zooming up every day by 5-10 percent. My sincere request is to stop looking at balance sheets and try and study the past sugar cycle if you really want to understand why sugar stocks are running up in such a manner. As W D Gann said time is the most important factor and not until sufficient time has passed will any move begin up or down. If investing was only about balance sheet analysis CFA’s would have be billionaires but most of them are working 9-6 at some place or the other. Balance sheet is no doubt important but it is not the only parameter to analyze stocks / Equities.

Financial Astrology Update 26th-30th Oct 2015

Let’s look back at some of the reasons I was bullish from 29th Sep 2015. There were three Jupiter related geocosmic signatures in the month of Oct 2015. Jupiter Trine Pluto. Mars Conjunct Jupiter and Venus Conjunct Jupiter on Sunday 25th Oct 2015. The background was Janta was shorting the Stock Market at every rise and Nifty was consistently making higher tops and bottoms. All pullbacks were getting bought into while retail was selling the rise. Hence it was way too clear trade. Buy every dip at least till 8250 which was our first target zone in this corrective pullback upwards. Please understand longer term massive mandi / bearish move will come. Major panic fall will come and Nifty will come even to 7211-6800 I am not denying that at all but in the short term geocosmic signatures and most of them involving Jupiter which represents expansion, exaggeration was clear screaming buy. On Monday 26th Oct 2015 moon will play a very important role and we expect this current up move to end may be little ahead of 8350 spot Nifty and then a pullback will begin. Please understand shorter term trend is up and we do not see any significant fall for now as there are no geocosmic signatures that are going to or are capable of changing the trend. Also Venus in Libra has historically proven good for the stock markets both Indian and Global Stock markets have gained under this geocosmic signature. I do not see any short term negative cycle beyond a corrective dip and corrective dips should be bought. Let’s listen to the market rather and follow the main trend. Tuesday 27th Oct 2015 is Full Moon and Friday 30th Oct 2015 Sun Trines Neptune. So we are expecting a short term top in this week followed by a pullback. We do not expect mandi for now.

SGX Nifty Futures / SGX Nifty Charts / SGX Nifty Live updates are given below for ready reference.

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