SGX Nifty 30th June 2015

SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction / Stock Market Tips For 30th June 2015

SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend Today (29th June 2015) was negative and volatile as expected due to Scorpio Moon. Nifty opened lower at 8243 then made a low of 8196 and then staged a dramatic pullback towards 8326 (Nifty spot levels mentioned). Many traders covered naked shorts in Nifty Futures. Nifty / Stock Markets will be volatile with volatility peaking towards 1st July 2015 and then a sustained fall will begin. (Top is already in place and Nifty will keep falling from higher side). Both Major Nifty Trend and Minor Nifty trend remain down. We have suggested to trade this down move via July Options / July Puts and it will be good to Buy puts on higher side and keep managing risk. Avoid any major positions in Nifty July Futures directly as volatility could create mark to mark problems for you. We maintain our target for Nifty at 7899 by 15th July 2015 and once again we are advising / recommending exiting long positions on pullback. Till 15th July 2015 we do not recommend any delivery buying positions with exception of sugar stocks / sugar sector. We once again are reminding our readers that I have clearly mentioned down cycle has started from 4th March 2015 and will not end before 10th July 2015 and time is the most important aspect in trading. Not until sufficient time has passed will any major move begin. Time has not yet completed for up cycle to begin and in current case nether time nor price has completed down move. Hence we are very clear that Nifty / Stock markets are not headed higher from here. Pullback which we were expecting from 7991 ended at 8421 and now down move has resumed with volatility due to Scorpio moon and that too is nearing a Full Moon hence it is amplifying the volatility hence expect wild swings to peak towards 1st July 2015.

USDINR / USDINR Trend / USDINR Prediction / Forex Market Tips For 30th June 2015

USDINR zoomed up along expected lines we have been recommending that importers must be hedged and must not have any open positions I hope all those who have followed our advice have gained tremendously. Our target for USDINR in this current move is 65+ and we maintain our overall target for USDINR at 72-69 within this financial year. (please don’t ask me what is going to create such a move I sharing the out come of what is my analysis)

Bank Nifty / Bank Nifty Trend / Bank Nifty Prediction / Stock Market Tips For 30th June 2015

Bank Nifty both major and minor trend remain down and it is making classic lower tops and lower bottoms. Volatility in Bank Nifty will peak towards 1st July 2015 and by 12th July 2015 Bank Nifty will make a bottom. Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and Yes Bank will be leading indicators to watch if these three stocks are bottoming before Nifty / Bank Nifty then they will outperform on the pullback post 15th July 2015.

Crude Oil Update

As mentioned crude oil will remain in range of 58-62 for this week. Overall we maintain our target of 72 for crude oil as of now. For full year crude will then remain in the range of 72-48 and trade side ways. Friends who trade in PVC / Crude Oil derivative must exit all positions / finish yearly contracts once Nymex crude nears 68.

Sugar Sector Update.

Use all dips to Buy / Accumulate Sugar Stocks. We have been recommending Buying/ Accumulating Bajaj Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and EID parry. We maintain on 10th July 2015 down cycle will end in sugar stocks and a major up cycle will begin in sugar sector. Real fireworks after Oct 2015 expected to begin in sugar stocks. Overall we see sugar sector being decontrolled by Dec 2016. Also internationally we see Raw sugar prices moving significantly higher from current prices. Overall by 2019 sugar stocks will be the best investment in percentage returns. The situation in sugar sector is very similar to the situation Major Oil marketing companies were facing few years back before petrol and diesel prices were decontrolled. Govt cannot afford to provide subsidies beyond a point and eventually decontrol will take place having the entire sector being rerated.

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