SGX Nifty 3rd June 2015

SGX Nifty Futures

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SGX Nifty 3rd June 2015

SGX Nifty Trend Today was down. After opening at 8435 Nifty started falling swiftly Nifty finally closed at 8236 down 196 points. SGX Nifty collapsed totally after the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) credit policy (RBI did oblige with a 25 Bps rate cut but 25 bps was already in the price). We were very clear that main trend remains down and it is always better and prudent to take trades only in the direction of main trend.  As per our SGX Nifty Trend and SGX Nifty Prediction Trend is down. Both Minor Trend and Major Trend remain down. SGX Nifty has now opened gates for 7800 immediately and 7211 by Aug 1st week 2015.  Since Major and Minor Trend are down we should be selling on pullbacks (one pullback is possible in 48 hrs)  or at resistances or at low risk entry points. (When and where to sell all details will be given to clients live during market hours). SGX Nifty Tomorrow 3rd June 2015 resistance is at 8321-8349 Nifty Spot Levels mentioned supports  are irrelevant now that major low has been taken out (8261 was final support)

SGX Nifty Long Term View 3rd June 2015

SGX Nifty has once again confirmed breakdown and has resumed its down move. Yesterday we had said very clearly that fundamentals don’t justify current prices and moreover charts are very clearly showing a lower top lower bottom formation. Untill and unless the lower top lower bottom formation is not disturbed or Main Trend does not turn up till that point in time we don’t suggest to Buy or bottom fish. Valuations are extremely steep and long term investments have never given returns when you Buy stocks at current valuations. Bottom line stay on as much cash as possible. Buy into sugar sector on all dips and declines we see a very good time cycle starting for Sugar sector after 10th July 2015. Buy Bajaj Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and Eid Parry all of them will give 5 X returns by 2019. We are bullish on most agri commodities as within next few months most agri commodities would have bottomed out. We don’t see a good harvesting season this time and are clear that from now till at least 2019 agri production will keep coming down in turn pushing agri commodities prices higher.

Bank Nifty 3rd June 2015

Bank Nifty Trend today was down. After making a high of 18832 Bank Nifty collapsed to 17953 (Bank Nifty spot levels mentioned). Axis Bank lost 4.38% Can Bank lost 4.93% Indusind Bank lost 4.05% State Bank lost 4.3% all Bank Nifty components were in the red. As per our Bank Nifty Trend and Bank Nifty Prediction is down. Both Major Trend and Minor Trend are down. On rise or pullback or near resistance we should be selling Bank Nifty with small stop loss. (When where to sell etc details to clients) We once again are advising to exit this sector totally. NPA problems are only going to rise and from Q1 FY16 all skeletons will start coming out of balance sheets of all Banking sector stocks private sector and public sector banking both will have significant NPA rise and problems on asset quality front.  Technically Axis bank and Icici Bank are very weak from Private sector Banking. While Can Bank and Punjab National Bank are very weak from Public sector Banking.

USDINR 3rd June 2015

USDINR Trend today was positive. USDINR has once again confirmed breakout and is now headed for 72 over all long term TGT for this financial year. In the short term USDINR TGT is 65.31 Spot USDINR levels mentioned. Impex Traders are advised to hedge positions (we have been advising since 61 to be hedged)

For customized broking solutions or HNI advisory services feel free to call me on 9222294707. SGX Nifty Chart is enclosed below for ready reference.

Good Trading To You!

Share Market Tips Given Today 2nd June 2015

09:11, Jun 2 – : Gm wait for msg to trade

09:56, Jun 2 – : Rate Cut Or No Rate Cut we don’t expect markets to hold at higher lvls. Today will be very volatile on bounce we will be buying put’s

09:57, Jun 2 – : USDINR pl be hedged

11:05, Jun 2 – : Wait for msg

11:07, Jun 2 – : Break Below 8261 Game over gates open for 7800

11:17, Jun 2 – : To sell or buy puts NIfty has to bounce to 8489 area or break 8261 as of now we are in no mans land sl is over 100 points and as per our system we don;t take a risk of more than 20 points overall trend is down. But entry can only be taken at low risk high reward points. be patient and wait for bounce or break of 8261 all spot lvls mentioned

14:24, Jun 2 – : Gates for 7800 opened wait for msg to sell

14:25, Jun 2 – : we will enter at low risk pt pl wait for msg to trade we could see minor pullback on that pullback we can sell but pl wait for msg to enter short positions

14:28, Jun 2 – : Yesterday we have told if long pl get out, trend is totally down now TGT for this move is 7800-7900 spot Nifty. Fast fall can take it to 7631. Wait for msg to sell

14:29, Jun 2 – : USDINR Long Term TGT 72, SHort Term TGT 65.31 Spot Rates

14:33, Jun 2 – : We have got final confirmation for 7211 also as of now. So kindly don’t be in haste to short we will keep getting ample opportunities to sell/short Nifty aramse wait