SGX Nifty 5th June 2015

SGX Nifty Futures

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SGX Nifty 5th June 2015

SGX Nifty Trend Today was flat. After opening at 8155 SGX Nifty plunged lower to 8057 and then recovered after 2.30 Pm to close the day at 8139 (Spot Nifty Levels Mentioned). As per our SGX Nifty Trend and SGX Nifty Prediction trend is down. Both Major Trend and Minor Trend remain down and we reiterate our stance that use this pullback towards 8300-8350 (Spot Nifty Levels Mentioned) to exit trapped long positions and to lighten portfolio and get on as much cash as possible. Overall our Target for SGX Nifty is 7211 by the month of Aug. 1st week of Aug 2015 we will be near 7211 so however good the stock may be you will still get it 25-30% cheaper than current market price. Yesterday we have clearly mentioned to avoid fresh selling at current prices and hope all my website readers and clients benefited from my advice. We did Buy 8200 June Call today and traded in it (we have carried partial positions and booked part positions making the trade risk free) As per Financial Astrology we have been saying every one to four days we will be getting counter trend pullbacks and hence although the trend is down (Today being the 3rd day of the fall) we were very clear counter trend pullback will come.

SGX Nifty Trend Tomorrow 5th June 2015

SGX Nifty Trend for 5th June 2015 will be in pullback mode.(We don’t see pullback extending beyond 8350 spot Nifty)  Nifty spot has resistance between 8260-8300. On rise near resistances or small stop loss points or low risk entry points we suggest to build shorts via July Puts (At the money Puts will be better than out of the money). More details of when to buy / sell etc details will be given to clients live during market hours.

SGX Nifty Components 5th June 2015

Since Main Trend is down we should be selling weak counters on pullback Later in the evening I will give a list of weakest counters these set of counters will fall min by 7-15 percent by the time NIfty comes to 7800.

USDINR 5th June 2015

USDINR Futures made a high of 64.54 and then started sliding lower.  USDINT trend is up and overall it will touch 72. USDINR as per time cycle will give one dip towards 63.20 Spot Rate Mentioned by 3 Pm on Friday 5th June 2015. 8th June 2015 looks to be a very dangerous day for USDINR and if price and time get squared on 5th June 2015 then we could see 65.30 on 8th June 2015. We have been advising Importers to hedge positions please continue to do the same. When ever we get low risk entry point I will update all clients.

Bank Nifty 5th June 2015

Bank Nifty Trend today was flat. After sliding lower and making a low of 17469 Bank Nifty bounced back smartly to close at 17715. As per our Bank Nifty Trend and Bank Nifty Prediction Trend remains down.  In our Portfolio Advisory Services we have been categorical to have zero exposure to this sector and our advice has been spot on. Full Janta is over weight this sector and they have been trapped on the long side.  Axis Bank and Icici Bank are very weak from Private Sector Banking, Punjab National Bank and Canara Bank are very weak from Public Sector Banking Space. If we get low risk entry point we will short them once pullback towards 8300 is done.

Crude Oil 5th June 2015

Crude Oil we maintain our Target of 72$/BBL. (Please full tank karlena ) Petrol and Diesel prices will go up again this weekend by 3-4 Rs.  Anyways for people trading and dealing in Crude Oil derivatives must be aware that from 72 $/BBL crude oil will remain in the range of 48-72 so whatever contracts have to be done sell all your stock at top prices near 72 and then wait for lower prices to come do not Buy (any crude oil derivatives before 51$/BBL ) or avoid any long term contracts by Dec 2016 Crude Oil will fall almost to 25-30$/BBL.

Gold Comex Update 5th June 2015-11th June 2015

Gold Main Trend is Up and Minor Trend is sideways. Gold has a crucial support at 1165-1170. If Gold holds this level till 11th June 2015 expect Gold to start zooming towards 1225. In Indian Rupee Terms Gold will further go higher due to Rupee depreciation. Buy in the range of 1172-1165 SL 1164 TGT 1225.

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Good Trading To You!

Share Market Tips Given Today 4th June 2015

09:41, Jun 4 – : Nifty June 8200 Call Buy 1 Part @ CMP (8107) & 2nd Part @ 8095 SL 8084 All Spot Lvls HIGH RISK TRADE

09:42, Jun 4 – : Confirmation Nifty 8200 Call 1 Part Bought

09:47, Jun 4 – : We are expecting bounce back to 8300-8350 spot. Till 11th June we don’t expect any major moves in the market

09:48, Jun 4 – : Minor sub cycle wont let markets fall much till 11th June it will keep giving pullbacks and counter trend moves

10:15, Jun 4 – : Nifty 8200 call book part trail rem to 8084 spot lvl and hold

10:15, Jun 4 – : Confirmation booked part now trailing to 8084 spot lvl

11:00, Jun 4 – Motilal Oswal Nixit added to the list

11:09, Jun 4 – Nixit Most added to the list

11:09, Jun 4 – Motilal Oswal Nixit removed from the list

11:22, Jun 4 – Mayur Rambhia added to the list

11:41, Jun 4 – : Reiterate Buy & Hold Sugar Stocks. Bajaj Hind, Rnuka Sugar & EID Parry. By 2019 All will give 5 X Returns

12:51, Jun 4 – : Trailing SL 8084 do not buy 2nd part if comes lower now

12:51, Jun 4 – : Spot rates

13:02, Jun 4 – : Nifty Buy 8200 Call @ CMP 2nd Part SL 8084 Spot Lvl

13:03, Jun 4 – : Confirmation 2nd part Nifty 8200 Call Bought

13:06, Jun 4 – : SL Hit

13:18, Jun 4 – : Nifty Buy 2 Parts 8200 Call SL 8065 June Fut Lvl

13:19, Jun 4 – : Confirmation 2 Parts 8200 Call Bought

13:20, Jun 4 – : Hold Positions Nifty should bounce towards 8300 Spot

13:21, Jun 4 – : Overall Trend down and TGT 7211 but bounce will come towards 8300 then will resume dnside due to positive time cycle we don’t see immediate dnside. Still Trade as per lvls only

13:23, Jun 4 – : Revise SL To 8050 June Fut Lvl & wait for msg

13:24, Jun 4 – : Nifty June 8200 Call add 2 More Parts @ 8065 & 8055 June Fut Lvl If comes (Hold Existing 2 Parts) SL 8050

13:29, Jun 4 – : Confirmation Nifty 8200 June Call 3rd Part Active

13:36, Jun 4 – : Nifty 8200 Call Book 1 Part @ CMP & Hold rem 2 Parts Trailing SL 8050 June Fut Lvls Mentioned

13:36, Jun 4 – : Confirmation 1 Part 8200 Call Booked. Now Holding 2 Parts 8200 June Call Trailing SL 8050

13:38, Jun 4 – : Nifty 8200 June Call Book 2nd Part @ CMP & Trail Rem 1 Part To 8050 June Fut Lvl.

13:39, Jun 4 – : Confirmation ONly 1 Part June 8200 Call Open Now

13:39, Jun 4 – : Trailing SL 8050 June Fut lvl

14:19, Jun 4 – : Divergence Signals has started on System showing possibility of sharp pullback within next 48 HRS towards 8300

14:22, Jun 4 – : Above 8104 Sharp Pullback will be seen June Fut Lvl

14:24, Jun 4 – : Hold Rem 1 Part 8200 Call With 8050 June Fut Lvl SL Till Next Update.

14:33, Jun 4 – : If i am not sure I will never give msg. Pl just follow lvls and trade giving with smallest SL possible. Europe down etc pl dont look at that Nifty will continue bounce and give counter trend move towards 8300 where to book profit in call and move to put I will update later

15:24, Jun 4 – : Continue Holding 8200 June Call Till Next Update

15:39, Jun 4 – : Nifty Trend & Update For 5th June 2015