SGX Nifty 9th Feb 2016

SGX Nifty

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LTP  8,576.00   -128.00   -1.49% High 8,710.00 Low 8,546.50

SGX Nifty 9th Feb 2016

SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures today for the first half lacked any volumes and was totally sideways and range bound but in the second half SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures started falling along expected lines and as per our Indian Stock Market analysis / tips / Nifty Prediction we do not see Nifty sustaining below 7300 spot Nifty levels for long and in such panic which we have been alerting since the past 4-5 trading days we should be buying Nifty Futures or high quality stocks in a staggered manner.  Our paid clients and regular readers of this website are well aware that on the up side our targets are 8800-9000 and we do not see any change in that at the same time on the downside we do not see Nifty much below 7300 though Rahu (North node) which has changed house recently will create a short term deception and force all traders out of their trading long positions. Since we are well aware of the effects of Rahu (North node) and retrograde Jupiter which will act as a powerful amplifies and expand the effects of rahu we must use this panic to buy Nifty Futures in a staggered manner or at low risk entry points or  consolidation and breakouts.

One of the safest trades to make good money will be selling March Puts during this decline (when to sell, what strike price to sell, how much to sell all details have been given to our clients, if you are trading only on the basis of this post then please trade with appropriate risk management systems and then only take positions) Yesterday 5th Feb 2016 was a lunar cycle topping date and we had already given our Job numbers prediction to our clients 1 week in advance and it was bang on.  There was no way a corrective wave which was going up from 7241-7515 would run up post a lunar cycle topping day and to add to that 5th Feb was also Venus was conjuct pluto which clearly meant destruction of assets and that is what has exactly panned out. A lower top followed by sharp fall but now since that has happened let us now focus on buying. Be rest assured that the entire world will talk dooms day scenario both for Indian Equity Markets and Global Equity Markets but we do not see that happening now. It will happen for sure we will see levels as low of 5851 also but now now, there is still some time for that.  We will keep guiding when that wave is also about to start and for a matter of record please let me state that at that time around the top everyone will talk 10500-12500 but none of that will happen and Nifty will start one of the worst or rather the fastest falls in recorded history. 2008 fall that time (post this bullish cycle will look like a joke)

Please understand that the current tezi or bullish cycle will be a “Bina Kaaaran Tezi” we do not see any good happening on the economic front. India and Global growth will continue to be sluggish so please understand we are not predicting a revival in the Indian or the Global economy. In fact we see it only deteriorating as inflation will keep moving higher primarily due to food inflation and whenever we see such a move in inflation we have never ever seen Indian or Global economies doing well but at the same time it will (Rahu) will create a speculation rally. The best of the fund mangers and traders will be forced into excessive leverage long positions and then once they are trapped will the cycle top out.

Nifty Spot support and resistance for tomorrow 9th Feb 2016 is at 7211 and 7529. Use all dips and panic to buy and hold for positional targets of 8800-9000.

Good Trading To You!