SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015

SGX Nifty Futures

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SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015 1.28PM

Our Trailing SL of 8209 Hit, We have exited positions for now at cost. If Nifty Spot breaks 8120 on or before Friday 15th May 2015 then Nifty Spot Target on lower side will be 7631.

SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015 12.49PM

We have booked part in Nifty shorts done between 8190-8204 now we are trailing to 8209 Nifty spot level.

SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015 11.25AM

SGX NIfty Futures continues to be very volatile, although Main trend and Minor Trend is down we are waiting for low risk entry point to enter the trend. Vedanta, Icici Bank and HDFC are under-performing while Bajaj Auto and Hero Motors is outperforming. Asian markets are trading mixed without any clear trend as of now. If Nifty Spot does not cross 8205 Before 12 Noon then sell between 8190-8204 SL 8209 Nifty Spot Levels.

SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015 8.45AM

Good Morning, SGX Nifty is trading down by 25 points as of now. We will wait for low risk entry point or pullback towards 8320-8350 to sell (with small sl points) Will provide SGX Nifty Live updates during the day.

SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015 12.25AM

Within SGX Nifty Futures selectively some stocks are looking like they might outperform. We must keep a watch on Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy above 3590 Nse Cash Level.  I will update during market hours.

Good Trading To You!

SGX Nifty Futures 14th May 2015

SGX Nifty Futures closed down by 9 points during evening trade today.

SGX Nifty was extremely volatile and had sharp intraday swings however as per our SGX Nifty Futures Nifty Prediction and Nifty Trend both Major and Minor  Trend remains down. Even after sharp swings there is not even minor change in Main trend swing.  Hence our advice to traders and investors is simple follow the trend and use this pullback to exit trapped or stuck long positions. Let’s say for instance Nifty Trend changes to up even then we will have a dip to Buy into you won’t miss out on the rally (assuming SGX Nifty Futures starts rallying we are not of the opinion) but still we are followers of the market and always believe in following the Nifty rather than telling Nifty what it should do.  Nifty Spot has resistance between 8325-8342 Nifty Spot Levels mentioned.

SGX Nifty Futures has a very important time cycle resistance for next 48 hours if we start loosing momentum between 8325-8350 then expect ultra super sonic down move taking Nifty Futures well below 7961 

As per Financial Astrology rather astrology there was some notable events going on today SGX Nifty Futures was extremely volatile, lots of Banks had system issues, Traders were selling and Nifty futures started going up and when traders bought Nifty Futures turned down in short it was not favoring anyone. We just understood the message at 9.16 and stepped aside and gave message saying “Dont do anything for today”.

Bank Nifty Futures was a star today rising 2.6 percent Axis Bank, Icici Bank and State Bank Of India were top gainers. However as per our analysis little has changed and the main trend and minor trend for Bank Nifty Futures remains down there is no change in view as of now atleast.

Market buzz is that a rate cut is coming soon however we don’t see it happening so soon as USDINR will go for a toss if that happens. So bottom line is even a rate cut happens markets will nose dive within 2 trading days because of sharp depreciation in rupee vs US $ on any decline we are advising to hedge positions and avoid taking risk if we get final confirmation of certain parameters USDINR will test 72 within this financial year.

Reiterate Buy & Hold Sugar stocks on all dips Buy Bajaj Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and Eid Parry. (Buy with two – three years view)

Nymex Crude oil is headed for 72$/BBL We expect Oil & Gas stocks to outperform.

Gail above 386 Minor Trend changes to up.

FMCG, Oil & Gas and Capital goods rallied well today. Hindalco lost 3 percent as Novelis posted weak Q4 Numbers. Vedanta, Coal India and Bharti Underperformed Nifty Futures. Among Midcaps Union Bank and Mcx were strong. Advance decline stood at 1644 advances to 1061 declines

HSBC downgraded India To Underweight today. We expect many more major brokerages to start downgrading India from overweight to neutral or underweight as most macro factors favoring India are slowly moving away like crude is almost at 61$/BBL. We don’t see structural problems being solved in a hurry.

Bank Nifty Futures has resistance at 18240-18300 Bank Nifty Spot Levels. Even if 18300 is crossed Minor Trend in Bank Nifty changes to Neutral. Major Trend still remains down.

SGX Nifty Live Updates will be given as and when possible. For details of our services or customized services feel free to call 9222294707.

Good Trading To You!

Online Trading Calls Given Today

GM Nifty has significant resistance @ 8216 Nifty Spot Any rise towards 8216 should be sold with small sl points. Reiterate Buy & Hold Bajaj Hind, Renuka Sugar & Eid Parry. Overnight raw sugar has given massive swing breakout that will start taking Sugar stocks higher very soon.

Hold Current shorts till next update I will update when and what is to be done

Nifty Spot Trailing SL 17819

Confirmation Bank Nifty Trailing SL Hit Exit

Nifty Trailing SL Of 8214 Hit Exit

Confirmation No Open Positions

wait for msg to trade be on sidelines

Do not Trade on long or short side pl wait for msg to trade. Money will be made only if we do opportunity based trading not compulsive trading. let Nifty settle and show us and confirm it wants to head up if thats the case we will buy with small sl if it says Nifty wants to resume dnmove then we will sell with small sl. right now you don’t have to do anything. PL stay on sidelines for now

To Make Money we must understand 3 things when to be long when to be short and when not to trade (33.33% times we are in no trade zone like now) so don’t try stunts be on sidelines pl

Full Gao Trapped IN Longs & Shorts Both Side SL Hit. This Is what I meant when told you within next 48 Hrs 99.99% traders and investors will get trapped on wrong side. Now To Know next Move Join Us

By seeing some charts & Using Financial astrology we were aware that extreme volatility will be there for next 48 Hrs and we have taken back seat and waiting for stability which will come after ??PM then we can resume safe trading.