SGX Nifty Futures 18th May 2015

SGX Nifty Futures

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SGX Nifty Futures 18th May 2015  9.59 AM

Nifty Futures is at our resistance area of 8320-8360, we need to keep a close watch here of what pattern is playing out. As of now

Bajaj Auto, GAIL,M&M and Vedanta are outperforming the NIfty. Among the under performers  Wipro and HUL are dragging the Nifty.

SGX Nifty Futures Prediction 18th May -11th June 2015 1.40 AM

SGX Nifty Futures will be very volatile and will keep changing directions every one to four trading days. Although it will follow Nifty Futures Main Trend and Minor Trend but there will be plenty of counter trend moves ranging from one to four trading days and strategy will have to be changed to take profits, enter at low risk points (all entries will have to be taken with favorable risk reward ratio) pyramiding might also be needed.  So even if time cycle resistance blocks the up move and sharp fall begins towards 7631 then also sell on rise with small stop losses and prudent covering strategy will have to be adopted for making money at least till 11th June 2015. Kindly only follow proper professional advice and trade during this period. Advance warning is being given if you need trade support feel free to call me on 9222294707. Kindly avoid large quantity trading during this period also manage risk by trading in Options than futures.

Good Trading To You!

SGX Nifty Futures 18th May 2015 12.30AM

SGX Nifty Futures was sideways on 15th May 2015 nothing much happened and volumes were low yesterday. For the week ended 15th May 2015 Nifty Futures gained marginally. on 12 May we did see a panic but Nifty Futures recovered and closed the week in marginal gains.

As of now SGX Nifty Futures trend remains down both minor and major trend remains down there is no change in view at least for now. Nifty spot has resistance at 8320-8360 if we see Nifty getting stuck around this area and if a fall begins from this area it will take Nifty Futures straight to 7631 non stop in ultra super sonic speed.  If Nifty Spot is stable above 8360 then on a dip towards 8250 we will buy for target of 8750-8650 (More Details to our clients)

SGX Nifty Futures Prediction we are expecting a top on Monday or Tuesday i.e. 18th or 19th May 2015 (we are expecting a rate cut on 18th or 19th May 2015) 25 Bps that will take Nifty near this range and then post the event of rate cut if Nifty Futures / SGX Nifty Futures does not sustain above 8360 expect panic to start in the market. Traders and investors must be extremely cautious around this level if you get stuck in longs then you had it only one way out and that’s to book hefty loss (please don’t even try to average it add to problems)

Within SGX Nifty Futures components Bajaj Auto looks good if Bajaj Auto Is stable above 2228 Nse Cash Levels Mentioned then expect fire works here, something would be changing fundamentally (we reliably understand that another company Maharashtra Scooters Ltd 500266) will be merged and some type of value unlocking will happen in that process Bajaj group stocks will also benefit. Above 2228 worth keeping a watch from trading perspective. Hero Motors is another stock to watch if Nifty crosses 8360 Spot level. Bajaj Auto and Hero will lead rally and outperform Nifty Futures / Nifty 50.

Nifty Futures till from 18th May 2015 till 11th June 2015 won’t move in one-sided direction it will suddenly keep changing directions be very volatile and keep giving counter trend moves these counter trend entry points need to be used to enter main trend (as of now main Nifty Trend is down)

USDINR has support at 63.10-63.20 spot Impex Traders must hedge positions around this price as we see USDINR headed for 65.15 from there. If If USDINR does not break 63 and moves past 65.15 before 27th May 2015 it will signal time cycle move to 72 within this financial year (before 31st March 2016) USDINR will touch 72 in simple language.

Metals sector will also lead this rally and outperform if 8360 Nifty spot level if crossed and is stable above 8360 (when what to Buy where to Buy or where to sell details to our clients) if Nifty Futures shows buying signs then these stocks will outperform. Please understand clearly if Nifty is headed for 8750-8650 these sectors and stocks will outperform simple.

Outside the of SGX Nifty Futures we have been aggressively recommending to Buy and Hold Sugar stocks especially Baja Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and Eid Parry.  These stocks will give return of 5 X-10X by 2019. Why ? We will give detailed explanation for the reasons later after 10th July 2015 till then “Ghar Bechke Mall Jama Karo” Once it starts running you will have no chance to get in and Buy Big quantity and sit.

We have been bullish on crude for short term and we have been clear USDINR can head for 72 (we are only awaiting final confirmation for the same) as of now Nymex last close is at 59.96 (just think what will happen when USDINR is at 72 and and Nymex at 72) What Macro’s will favor India ?

SGX Nifty Live Updates will be given for Bank Nifty Futures levels, Resistance and Support click here

SGX Nifty Live Chart is enclosed below for ready reference.

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