Share Market Tips 11th Dec 2015

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as sent / provided via whats app messenger with time stamp.

[12/10/2015, 08:57] +91 90040 79145: Gm

[12/10/2015, 08:57] +91 90040 79145: Hold positions as told

[12/10/2015, 08:59] +91 90040 79145: Nifty Jan 7600 put hold 1 part shorts and Nifty Jan 7700 Put hold 1 part shorts till next update

[12/10/2015, 09:00] +91 90040 79145: Wait for msg to add buying or tezi positions

[12/10/2015, 09:37] +91 90040 79145: In panic we will be adding net tezi positions

[12/10/2015, 12:36] +91 90040 79145: Be patient and hold positions as told

[12/10/2015, 14:10] +91 90040 79145: Nifty Jan 7600 put hold 1 part shorts and Nifty Jan 7700 Put hold 1 part shorts till next update

[12/10/2015, 14:10] +91 90040 79145: Wait For Message to add more net longs

[12/10/2015, 14:11] +91 90040 79145: we must be prepared for a panic if comes towards 7500, if ti does come then we will add more 2 parts as told

[12/10/2015, 14:11] +91 90040 79145: use dips in India Stock Market to buy net long positions

[12/10/2015, 14:15] +91 90040 79145: I have been getting many calls as to what will be the news trigger or what share market news will come and take Nifty towards 8800-9000. My answer is simple. First you need to understand that news is a trailing indicator which means before the news is out in public domain. Smart Money / Informed circle will start buying because these are influential and powerful hands who have good monetary support they will buy huge qty and that in turn will be reflected on the charts / price patterns / wave counts. Hence when they know the news and start accumulating we will start getting leading signals on the charts so although we do not know the news yet we know the direction of the trade and if direction is right then money has to come

[12/10/2015, 14:17] +91 90040 79145: so please do not get bothered as to what news event will take it higher. Lets take a case study when Nifty was at 8300 few days back at that juncture we very clearly predicted that Nifty will not sustain above 8350 and at that time smart money / informed circle knew that BJP will loose in bihar and hence smart money or informed circle had started booking profits and short selling Nifty Futures and other weak stocks

[12/10/2015, 14:17] +91 90040 79145: now this was very clearly visible on the charts.

[12/10/2015, 14:18] +91 90040 79145: The same inverse situation is present as of now. smart money is clearly buying dips and I do know whats the share market news event that will take Nifty higher but surly it will move higher

[12/10/2015, 14:20] +91 90040 79145: fortunately we have added astro cycles to our analysis which also has high degree of predictability so in addition to the charts we also know various time cycle points and other astro geocosmic signatures that will cause a shift in mass thinking or perception and that in turn will be reflected on the price charts

[12/10/2015, 14:21] +91 90040 79145: again taking a e.g. as of right now Scorpio Moon is present as per Vedic astrology and whenever such a astro combination is present we always have seen volatility spike up (Not as a rule but high probability) so when such events are occurring in the heavens we will surely see unstable or fear or uncertainty in minds of people / traders / investors

[12/10/2015, 14:22] +91 90040 79145: why moon is so important because it controls / rules the mind and in such a case of mind is not stable most people will end up taking wrong decisions. Panic unnecessarily in simple words wont think rationally

[12/10/2015, 14:23] +91 90040 79145: so in a nut shell avoid shanti karke baitho I will keep updating non stop as and when there are any updates

[12/10/2015, 14:23] +91 90040 79145: right now just hold positions and wait for further msg

[12/10/2015, 14:43] +91 90040 79145: Nifty we do not see any significant downside from now onward we will be using all dips to buy and hold.

[12/10/2015, 14:43] +91 90040 79145: if panic does come towards 7500 then we will buy in panic also

[12/10/2015, 15:10] +91 90040 79145: Nifty Jan 7700 Put Book @ CMP For Shorts Done Yesterday At 192.

[12/10/2015, 15:11] +91 90040 79145: Confirmation Nifty Jan 7700 Put Booked

[12/10/2015, 15:11] +91 90040 79145: Nifty Jan 7600 Put Continue Holding Shorts Done @ 140 Till Next Update

[12/10/2015, 15:12] +91 90040 79145: Confirmation Only 1 Part Of trade is active. Nifty Jan 7600 Put Shorts Trade

[12/10/2015, 15:14] +91 90040 79145: We will be trading in and out. kindly strictly follow our messages and trade. Please do not make interpretations of our actions / view and build positions. Kindly only follow messages as told. We have strict safety mechanisms and it will be in everyone’s best interest to follow them

[12/10/2015, 15:15] +91 90040 79145: Our view remains bullish but just in case a panic sets in we will be well positioned to capitalize on the same

[12/10/2015, 15:15] +91 90040 79145: 8800-9000 will come and we will get amply entry opportunities also. Just follow as we are guiding for now

[12/10/2015, 15:16] +91 90040 79145: why what how etc please dont bother for now at least

[12/10/2015, 15:18] +91 90040 79145: and please keep cool we could see massive volatility and turbulence in the next 96-104 hours from now. This is not only with respect to stock markets it could affect everyone in all areas of life so be calm

[12/10/2015, 15:19] +91 90040 79145: Positional Trade Update Nifty Jan 7600 Put Shorts Trade Continue Holding 1 Part Till Next Update.