Share Market Tips 15th Dec 2015

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Chat Transcript as given today

[12/14/2015, 08:57] +91 90040 79145: Gm

[12/14/2015, 08:57] +91 90040 79145: Wait for msg to add

[12/14/2015, 08:58] +91 90040 79145: Positional Trade Update: Nifty 7600 Jan Hold 1 Part Shorts & Nifty 7700 Jan Hold 1 Part Shorts Till Next Update. On dips we will be buying

[12/14/2015, 10:39] +91 90040 79145: Past 2 days over the weekend a lot of traders and investors were in panic and were worried about where the Nifty will make a final bottom before the bullish move begins. The point I have been trying to communicate is that (1) the heavens up there have a lot of energy as of now which has been causing confusion, fear, doubt and even panic as of now. The effects of the same are so powerful that that it will not only show up in charts but all areas of life. Hence it is very important to be calm and avoid listening to Janta / your broker or people who have been saying mandi and putting up targets like 7200. Please understand these are the very same people who were very bullish at 9000 levels in March 2015 saying Nifty will come to 10500 we all have seen what happened then and what is happening now

[12/14/2015, 10:40] +91 90040 79145: we could still see a panic tomorrow or day after which I can not rule out and in the panic we must be buying at appropriate points. Please be patient and wait for my message. do not over trade. The targets for the bullish move is 8800-9000 and we all will get ample opportunities to make huge money.

[12/14/2015, 10:41] +91 90040 79145: In between that move we will get few days when intraday I will let you know in advance that 100+ plus target for intraday

[12/14/2015, 10:41] +91 90040 79145: but to capitalize on them we must be well positioned now, avoid any blind trades and most important manage risk

[12/14/2015, 10:42] +91 90040 79145: so please be patient and wait for msg

[12/14/2015, 13:05] +91 90040 79145: Nifty 7700 Put Book Profits In 1 Part Shorts Done Yesterday (Friday 11th Dec 2015)

[12/14/2015, 13:05] +91 90040 79145: Confirmation Nifty 7700 Put Booked 1 Part Shorts

[12/14/2015, 13:06] +91 90040 79145: Nifty 7600 Jan Put Hold 1 Part Shorts Till Next Update.

[12/14/2015, 13:06] +91 90040 79145: We are trading in and out as one last round of panic is still possible

[12/14/2015, 13:07] +91 90040 79145: Please Keep Space for 3 more parts

[12/14/2015, 13:14] +91 90040 79145: A lot of you guys have been asking me whats max downside. The point is I do not want to put a number to it as currently most of you are in fear about Nifty moving towards 7200 (it wont happen as per my analysis ) but if I give you a number and even a minor breach of that number happens you will just press the panic button and I dont want that to happen. Also some of my clients may end up taking positions in some stocks which may not be the best trade as of now hence I am not putting any no to it. Please just follow messages and trade.

[12/14/2015, 14:13] +91 90040 79145: please keep limits open

[12/14/2015, 14:13] +91 90040 79145: Nifty has time cycle support from 2.30 PM today to 17th Dec 2015

[12/14/2015, 14:13] +91 90040 79145: we are expecting bottom formation to happen between this time frame in panic we will be buying

[12/14/2015, 14:14] +91 90040 79145: be calm and only strictly follow messages and trade. DO NOT DO INTERPRETATION TRADES PLEASE

[12/14/2015, 14:14] +91 90040 79145: you will get amply opportunities to trade big qty and make big money

[12/14/2015, 14:14] +91 90040 79145: but this is not the time please wait for msg to trade and add net longs

[12/14/2015, 14:16] +91 90040 79145: tomorrow and day after we could see one round of panic during that panic please stay clam and follow msg only. your broker will tell you why the hell are you buying please just follow our msg and trade

[12/14/2015, 14:18] +91 90040 79145: we could see intraday breach of 7500 also tomorrow or day after so please be mentally prepared. Your fellow traders at your place will tell you “Tereko bola tha” please just tell them thank you for your concern and leave it do not get into argument or disclose your strategy or targets just keep your dimak thanda and follow msg

[12/14/2015, 14:57] +91 90040 79145: Nifty 7600 Jan Put Hold 1 Part Shorts Till Next Update.