Share Market Tips 17th Dec 2015

Share Market Tips / Stock market tips

[12/16/2015, 09:01] +91 90040 79145: Gm

[12/16/2015, 09:58] +91 90040 79145: wait for msg to trade

[12/16/2015, 09:59] +91 90040 79145: Nifty still looks like could have one last round of fall and during intraday trade we could even breach 7500 for sometime. Hence please be patient for the next few days.

[12/16/2015, 09:59] +91 90040 79145: be patient and wait

[12/16/2015, 09:59] +91 90040 79145: we will buy only into panic or once we get final confirmation of trend reversal

[12/16/2015, 10:00] +91 90040 79145: for those who want to do compulsive trading I have told you please look at sugar stocks

[12/16/2015, 13:56] +91 90040 79145: let panic come and in panic towards 7500 we will buy as I have said minor breach of 7500 is also possible but on dips and in panic we must be buying. I am not suggesting any short selling positions take rest for the day. Late night as and when FED updates I will keep updating live

[12/16/2015, 13:57] +91 90040 79145: as of now go and relax

[12/16/2015, 14:42] +91 90040 79145: as of right now we do not have any open trading positions and we do not advocate to short sell as our overall targets are 8800-9000 but we reiterate our stance that all our parameters for bottom formation are not yet completed and hence we will recommend to wait and watch till the FED event passes the entire Global Stock Market community has factored in a rate hike by 0.25 Bps points and everyone are only concerned about the commentary of the FED is it going to be hawkish or dovish but as per our analysis we do not see any rate hike coming in Dec 2015 we only see a rate hike in Feb 2016 and FED not hiking rates overnight could lead to the talk that US economy has still not recovered and is still very weak etc etc. What we expect the FED to do is move the data point from Jobs creation to Inflation. Time and again FED Chairman has categorically stated that they will be comfortable with a inflation rate above 2 percent. (currently the inflation rate is at 1.4 percent) so when she is saying stronger dollar rate is hurting US exports and domestic growth and is in turn keeping crude oil lower which in turn is keeping core inflation lower I do not think it will be prudent to hike rates as of now. Anyways does not matter we see one round of panic remaining in Global Stock markets and Indian Stock Markets taking Nifty around 7500 and in that panic we will be buying in four parts. Be patient and wait for msg to trade. There will be more than ample opportunities to make big money keep calm for the next 2-3 trading days and wait on sidelines

[12/16/2015, 14:43] +91 90040 79145: if we do see IV’s spike up we could take some option trades at or around 3.25 PM today, so please be very alert post 3.15 PM today. only if we get high IV’s we will take a trade

[12/16/2015, 15:13] +91 90040 79145: No trade today

[12/16/2015, 15:13] +91 90040 79145: More updates in the night