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Smallcases are a new way to invest in stocks. Smallcase is an intelligently weighted basket of up to 50 stocks that reflects a theme, idea, or strategy. Smallcases are centered around: A trending market theme like rising rural demand or financial models like zero debt or high growth stocks. 

Calm Sea

3 Categories of smallcase's

Low Volatility

Essentially a smallcase that invest more into ETF's, Gold, and safe-haven assets.


The objective is capital protection and beating inflation. 


Click here to see the best Low Volatility smallcases. Expect 8-10% CAGR.

Medium Volatility

 Smallcases where there is a balance between safe-haven assets like Gold, ETF's, etc


The objective is growth-focused and with capital protection also.


Click here to see the best Medium Volatility smallcases. Expect 10-14% CAGR

High Volatility

Smallcases where growth is the primary objective. They are fully invested in stocks and direct equities hence

Objective is the growth of capital.


Click here to see the best High Volatility smallcases. Expect 15-25% CAGR.

Simple to understand

Smallcases are modern investing products based on simple ideas you can understand.

Managed by professionals

Smallcases are created by India’s leading finance experts & backed by solid research.

Designed for you

Smallcases are fully customizable. Edit your smallcase constituents any time or create your own smallcase.

Check this video for more details

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