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Smart wealth management curated by experts  personalized for you


Best equity-based Mutual Funds for your long-term goals with inflation-beating returns while managing risk. 

15-24% Historical CAGR 3+  Years duration recommended

Smart Trend SIP

When Nifty is in a down trend invests in Liquid/Balanced funds

Once down trend ends Invests in Growth funds

When Up trend ends exits Growth Funds and moves to Balanced/Liquid funds 

Growth with the safety of principal. Combination of low volatility and high volatility portfolio's. Best as alternate to FD's.

10-19% CARG returns. 2 Years + duration recommended

Listed Bonds

Invest in listed and High rated corporate bonds 

Best alternative to FD's 

Earn up to 15% PA


Grow your "surplus" cash with low-risk Gold, ETF's, Liquid funds, High quality bonds.

7-12% Historical CAGR

24 days -365 days + duration


Emergency Fund

Be prepared for life's surprises without having to break your FD's or exiting your long term investments

Easy withdrawal with in 1 day 

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